C’est cool: Eyebrow Shave

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Since last Saturday I have an eyebrow cut.
Totally Chav, total 90’s. I am absolutely in love with it.

C’est cool! C’est cool!

P.S.: What you don’t see yet in these images:

(1) You can actually work with a green-yellow Mohawk and create more than one hairstyle out of it. (at least when your name is Philipp Koich Verheyen and you usually do the hair of bitchy Bar Rafaeli)
(2) Yes, of course I got an anarchy sign tattooed at our Fashion Week Punk Party
(3) The whole thing with the nail polish is not really over yet (shit!)
(4) The eyebrow cut, that goes without saying, has to be above the right eye (unless you’re a girl, then you have it on the left)

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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