C’est cool: Daniel Palillo – Hockey Shirts

A lot of designers have dealt with variations of Football, Basketball, and Hockey jerseys.

From JUUN. J to ASTRID ANDERSEN to SHAUN SAMSON. However, the strongest version of the season is probably that of relatively unknown designer DANIEL PALILLO.

He is from Finland – a Hockey nation. For his collection “Wasted Youth” he sought inspiration from his days in school – nerds, cheerleaders, rebels, losers, and hockey heroes that were also wearing the jerseys of their favorite teams to class.

Two designs of his AW 2013/14 collections that you can buy here have especially impressed us:

The black and yellow jersey with the bulldog-cyclops print and a dress with a childish-naïve print of a three-eyed Heuli the boys can also wear as an XXL shirt. See a snapshot of the entire Palillo AW 2013 collection below:


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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