C’est cool: Customization

Customization is really popular currently. Anyone who thinks highly of themselves has their sneakers, pants, a t-shirt, socks or in a best case scenario the entire outfit designed according to their own ideas.

The most important goal here: having clothes as unique as possible that no one else has.

Customized products are thus something like the modern, cooler flea market look.

While it was cool as hell to be wearing flea-market fur coats, worn-out 1970s boots, or as a girl in funky 80s outfits during Bar 25 times, now everything is about brand new products that you can completely overhaul, destroy, re-design or color-pimp.

ADIDAS offers said thing under the somewhat unfortunate name “miadidas” which probably is supposed to mean “my adidas”, NIKE has given the same concept the slightly cooler name NIKEid. At NEW ERA online buyers can design their not that cool anymore caps themselves completely, and COOLSOCKS now offers a service to have your own designs printed on white socks. London label KTZ designed their last collection as if you had put dozens of patches on your own outfit, individualizing it for years.

When it comes to customization the motto is apparently something that comes originally from the swinger world: Everything is possible, nothing mandatory. It just shouldn’t be right off the shelves at the moment.

The trend of personal design is also prevalent in the film industry for a custom wardrobe: In “The Place Beyond the Pines” protagonist Ryan Gosling, the currently probably hottest actor on the planet, does not only have custom-made blonde hair (really cool) but also his awesome outfit optimized for his job as a motorcycle driver with patches and logos and safety pads and cut-out collars. All of it customized, all cool as fuck.

We emphatically say “yes” to this trend and very much hope for it to follow the cootie-infested flea market-vintage-smell-trend and will eliminate it. It’s been overdue for six years now.

Custom is the new Vintage!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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