C’est cool: Acid Surf

There are trends that come and go. Batik is probably one of them. That’s why we’re giving the trend the all-encompassing name Acid Surf and not Batik. Sounds much cooler anyway.

If we’re being honest here we stole the Acid Surf description at Topman because the British fashion makers are picking up the buzzing trend with batik, neon colors and faded shorts in their current lookbook. Also: they describe it extremely suitably.

During the London Colletions: Men we took a photo of a long-haired model wearing a batik hoodie with the slogan DOPE. This made us have a ‘batikked’ epiphany. More Acid Surf is impossible.

The Marihuana pattern – we also speculated about the return of that trend – also falls under mega trend Acid Surf. All signs and slogans from the psychoactive, psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug should be worn prominently on one’s clothing again.

Of course the consumption of hallucinogenic drug is also very trendy again. Here, dear kids, you’ll have to watch out for set and setting, and, your clothes of course. You can find the matching socks for your next trip at HUF.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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