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Central Saint Martins Absolvent: Kelly Huang

I met Kelly Huang, a Chinese designer, who learned her craft at Central Saint Martins during my last stay in London. We made a report on the legendary London fashion school for FashionDaily.TV .

It’s been a couple of weeks since Kelly Huang’s bachelor graduation. Her label’s called Made in China. Her BA collection – A Marriage between the East and the West. It comes to a fusion of East and West. Not all is wearable, but some nice ideas can be discerned:

More on Kelly Huang is to find in the FashionDaily.TV report, Central Saint Martins.

Von: David



NIKE looses three Top-Designers to ADIDAS

NIKE has lost three important shoe-designers at once to their competitor ADIDAS. Marc Dolce, Mark Miner and Denis Dekovic have quit their jobs at the brand with swoosh are all going to work for the brand with the three stripes from 2015 on. Dekovic shared this via Twitter.

NIKE is loosing three of it’s best designers for the shoe-sectors sportswear (Dolce), running (Miner) and soccer (Dekovic).

One can not accuse ADIDAS of trying to obvert their stock-down-fall. To take over important employees of their competitor is already a chilled bitch-move, for sure.

Von: Julian








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