Camera-Test: zooming in on the ASOS Spring Trends 2013

I have had my brand new Canon IXUS Zoom for a few weeks now to try it out. And since that cute little thing fits my hands so well I am constantly bringing it along.

That was also the case in London. We were just there for two short days to have a look around at fast fashion online retailer ASOS.

When I got bored for a moment during a trend-talk I tested once again the crazy zoom function of my Canon camera. Most important criteria was to not draw any attention. That’s why I did not move away from my place a single inch and tried to capture a trend mood board in three different zooms. That worked pretty well. No one noticed anything – and I could see very well on mood board photos what was being illustrated (colorful colors, colorful hats, a Mickey Mouse, sneakers, patterns). James Bond would be proud of me!

I am thinking of selling this secret information on trends for spring 2013 to various ASOS competitors. I don’t think anyone has ever been this close.

Thank you new Canon Camera, I owe this to you. What a great device.

Alright enough praise for the camera I got as a present. I now hand over to the producer for some last words because who could wrap that zoom of the camera into more well-crafted words than Canon itself? Obviously no one. Therefore I am just going to quote at this point: “power to get closer.” Yessir!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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