Camera-Test: Camper X Bernhard Willhelm

Since we have already tested our new CANON IXUS camera in different extreme situations we today dared making an attempt in the ultimate challenge of photography: Product photography.

To test the insane zoom of the IXUS we took our new CAMPER x BERNHARD WILLHELM shoes, took them to the Czech mountains and tried zooming in on the zigzag profile in detail depicting it photographically. Worked very well as we can say without the slightest hint of self-doubt.

Those who do not realize how fucking cool those shoes are after seeing those zoomed-in images cannot be helped anymore.

Anyway, back to the actually tested product: The camera championed all challenges despite icy cold weather – although we were scared for a short while that our lens would freeze from the excessive zooming action. That didn’t happen though. It’s all good.

And – we would like to add not denying wearing our advertising hats – we could easily send the photos via wifi to our laptops, without having to fiddle in some small card slots with our frozen fingers. A very useful innovation – especially for winter sports places.

Oh well, to answer the question of our reader Anna Rünkler, who asked us via fan mail a few weeks back whether the camera was suited as a Christmas present: Yes.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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