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Breaking News: Riccardo Tisci Now Has a Mustache

Since nothing interesting seems to be happening in the world of fashion today we would like to at least for a minute break through the Friday-boredom with this extremely relevant piece of information about Riccardo Tisci’s facial hair.

The GIVENCHY designer is now not only sporting a scruff but on top of that (in the most literal sense) a proper ‘stache.

We think that’s fantastic. At least Tisci looks like an Eastern European footpad now.

And as we all know there are few looks that are cooler then that of – obviously! – the Eastern European footpad.

Alright, and now: Back to boredeom!

EDIT: Now we get it! Our favorite reader Léa pointed out Movember to us. Probably Riccardo just wanted a head start and therefore started already in October to grow his mustache. Brilliant!


Von: Jakob




List with all Fashion Brands, which JAY Z ever rapped about

Dazed & Confused journalist, rap-fan and woman of numbers Katherine Bernard has added the analysation of the connection between Hip Hop and fashion to one of her tasks. About one year ago, she created a statistic where she listed fashion-labels which are used often in lyrics by US rappers.

Bernard found out, that there is no label that has been mentioned in more rap-songs, than GUCCI, but since 2008 the omni-presence of the Italian luxury-label is fading. The presence of GUCCI in Hip Hop shrinks 23% per year. And also LV is mentioned less, but there are new labels which appear more and more in the lyrics of some rap-giants:

Tom Ford – for example – appeared 23% more often in rap lyrics from 2013, than in 2008. The first time that Ford has ever been named in a rap song, was in 2008. Since Ricardo Tisci is responsible at Givenchy, the French fashion-house is mentioned 95% more often by various rappers.

For her new project, Bernard has only dealt with lyrics by JAY Z. She has analysed about which fashion items, JAY Z has been rapping about, in which year he did that, in which song and if there was a guest-rapper. All labels, which the US rapper has ever rapped about, has been added by Bernard to a text-box at the end of her analysis.

The chronological listing of all JAY Z hits with a connection to fashion, seems like an autobiography of the US rapper. The expert Bernard, said the following about the relation between fashion and Hip Hop: ‘I do not think, that rappers only comment of fashion, they are not only observing, but also influencing fashion’.

She might be right. The latest example for her statement is ‘Multiply’ by A$AP ROCKY, the rapper explains that BEEN TRILL and HOOD BY AIR are not cool anymore. A message, that for sure is heard by the industry.

Bernard has printed all labels, named by JAY Z, on a T-shirt – the ‘Swanky Tee’. Bernards project can be supported on KICKSTARTER


Von: Julian




Lumbersexuality – simply fat, old Hipster!

After metrosexuality and spornosexuality, is it lumbersexuality going to be in?

Media as The GuardianThe Daily Beast and Buzzfeed presented ‘lumbersexual’ as the ‘next big thing’. Men with enormous beards and bellies in lumber-shirts, in work-boots, with wool-beanies on their heads and a freshly tapped beer in their hand.

But is that really the new trend? Men, who combine checked patterns with checked patterns, and who look like they have chucked some trees in the wood. No, not really. The look has been existing in the gay-scene for years (‘bears’ or ‘cubs’).

Plus we already know about the core-elements of the look (beard, lumber-shirt) from the hipster-scene. The picture (view the photo), which was used to express lumber-sexuality in a photo, has also been used to present the usual example of a hipster to their readers.

The hipster already was an anti-movement to the metro. The man became a man again. Sun-studios, picked eye-browes or shaved chests – all in all a no-go for the hipster. ‘Lumbersexuality’ is therefore no new anti-movement to metrosexuality, as it is celebrated in the media, but simply a continuation of the hipster-movement.

Therefore an old, fat hipster, who is drinking beer the whole day and who is just to distinguish by experts of ‘gay bears’. Therefore: no ‘next big thing’!

Von: Julian




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