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Boris Bidjan Saberi X Linda Farrow: Kokolores Collab

Fashion designer Boris Bidjan Saberi, who we met last year for an interview, has ganged up with Linda Farrow to design the new Shutter Glasses.

Not a particularly good idea, to our liking, since glasses aren’t very convincing. One asks oneself, who could wear Shutter Glasses? A raver with an asymmetrical hairdo who spends his summer vacation in Cocoon on Ibiza? A welder?

Those who don’t care what we think, who want and are able to give 320 dollars away for a pair of glasses, and have enough colorful raver-flares to combine them with, can order Shutter Islands online

Von: David



NIKE looses three Top-Designers to ADIDAS

NIKE has lost three important shoe-designers at once to their competitor ADIDAS. Marc Dolce, Mark Miner and Denis Dekovic have quit their jobs at the brand with swoosh are all going to work for the brand with the three stripes from 2015 on. Dekovic shared this via Twitter.

NIKE is loosing three of it’s best designers for the shoe-sectors sportswear (Dolce), running (Miner) and soccer (Dekovic).

One can not accuse ADIDAS of trying to obvert their stock-down-fall. To take over important employees of their competitor is already a chilled bitch-move, for sure.

Von: Julian








Packing our bags for a colourful trip to . Featuring and some

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