Berlin Fashion Week: Patrick Mohr Spring/ Summer 2014


Patrick Mohr – The former “enfant terrible” of Berlin Fashion Week – has become a fighter for justice.

In “HUMAN”, his new fashion installation that he presented in the empty premises of department store Jandorf he speaks for the “equality of all people”- So far so good.

Designer Mohr did not only have normal models present his new collection but also got a transgender model, a female bodybuilder, Nina Wortmann who is confined to the wheelchair, and Bobby Brederlow who has Down syndrome to present his fashion.

According to him this is not about PR for his show but to show that we are all equal. He wanted to “create a normal image of society without the usual limitations of many fashion standards”. The choice of models felt like a “Best Of Patrick Mohr”.  Only the Clochards (Spring/Summer 2011) were dearly missed.

At the core of Patrick Mohr’s HUMAN collection were 16 designs by Esmod students. A collaboration that went very well according to Mohr, and one that could certainly be extended in the future. As opposed to previous Patrick Mohr collections there were dresses for the first time. An influence the students exerted?

Besides the often mile-long dresses there were t-shirts with XXL round-necks that had the eyes of Patrick Mohr printed on them. He definitely is a master of production but from a fashion point of view his Spring/Summer 2014 collection wasn’t exactly a revelation.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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