Berlin Fashion Week: Mads Dinesen AW 2014

MADS DINESEN financed his first show during Berlin fashion week, over a crowd-funding platform.

And friday evening it was happening: In the studio – the small, but charming venue of the Berlin fashion week – DINESEN presented his collection ‘Smoke-Clad-Warrior’ to arabic chants.

Dinesen found inspiration in current and historic protest-cultures. He asked himself, how protest becomes visible threw clothes, threw slogans, threw badges? Or: threw a whole way of living?

He presented XXL-shirts, red and black-checked patterned trousers, bulky caps, under the nipples-ending tops for men, crocheted tops, T-shirts with ‘Fight the Fight’ slogans, boots decorated with mud, feather-jewellry, coverage and flags.

The choice of topic, colour (significant red) and form of presentation by DINESEN could be associated to ASGER JUEL LARSEN. The work of the danish fashion designer is also very affected by protest culture. 

Guests who came to the debut-show of Dinesen were – next to others – model-legend Veruschka, actor Clemens Schick and It-girl Bonnie Strange (accompanied by some dubious guy).


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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