Berlin Fashion Week: Leandro Cano Wins the “Designer for Tomorrow”-Award

Leandro Cano has won the Marc Jacobs Memory-Prize, the “Designer for Tomorrow”-Award.. We congratulate the 28-year old Spaniard from the very heart – auch wenn uns seine Kollektion natürlich nicht die Bohne interessiert.

Though Cano looks like a lumberjack, he makes, according to his own statement, fashion for “sophisticated and classy women”. That is for us, as men’s fashion bloggers, absolutely uninteresting. 

The barrel was then finally overfilled when Marc Jacobs handed him the prize. Cano cried like a little girl, who gets a pony after years of waiting.

Hence it fits quite well that Cano makes women’s fashion. Where should it lead, please, if such a whining type would make men’s fashion? Probably he would eventually end up at Jil Sander.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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