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Beef between Armani & Cavalli

A fashion world without Cavalli. That wouldn’t be nice at all. The italian fashion prince with his unbuttoned shirts reliably creates headlines. He is a great entertainer. A few days ago, Cavalli started a fight with muscle man Armani

“As usual, the Camera Nazionale della Moda is washing its hands of the situation and it will not go against the wishes of ‘Little King’ Armani, and therefore the problems are mine alone. What can I do? Do I stay the final day, running the risk that some foreign journalists will forgo my show, or should I overlap with smaller fry, smaller brands, acting as some of my colleagues do?”

Cavalli complains about the schedule of Milan Fashion Week. Armani, who Cavalli called a ”Little King” on his Blog, answered at his press conference:

“Cavalli should be quiet because the ‘Little King’ could start to get angry.”

A brawl between those two old men seems inevitable. The Dandy Diary-Team starts now to take bets for money. But we won’t be impartial in case of a fight. We just like him too much for that, our Macho Cavalli. 

Von: David





VERSACE Spring/Summer 2015 Hi Top Sneaker

We would do nearly everything to be fancied by Donatella Versace, this old, sputtered, deeply awesome sex-bomb. But THIS!, this is too much.

Not even for life-long love-lessons we would do her the deeply obscene favour to step in those creamy-colourful VERSACE Hi Top-sneakers from the upcoming Spring/Summer-collection.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. And very often also simply ugly. Like here. Ugh!

Von: Julian




C’est cool: Patches!

We are urgently asking for jackets, pants or sweaters, which carry an uncountable amount of patches.

Since we do not have time, nor the passion for a fabulous DIY-piece, were hereby want to ask all the PR-agencies on the planet to send us designs by their fashion-designers, which have patches on them (you can find the address in our legal info)

As often, Raf Simons was the pioneer of the trend ‘patches’. Or at least the designer, who’s influence can also be found in the collections by other designers. Simons showed designs in his SS 2015 collection, which showed images of personal memories (friends, family, astronauts, sharks etc.). He used the patches as some sort of mood board.

Kit Neale and Astrid Andersen have refined their pants with patches in their current collections (AW 2015). Sandro PARIS did the same with their already mega-hot leather jackets. And the Danish young designer Martin Mitchell made a jeans-vest.

The rule ‘the more the better’ counts of-course also for the patches trend! Go for it!

Von: Julian



As usual terrifc setdesign at Henrik Vibskov!





Stockholm Fashion Week: CHEAP MONDAY AW 2015


At some point, a few years ago in Copenhagen, the back then young designer JEAN // PHILLIP had the brave idea to present his fashion show in the freezing cold of the winter.

The fashion luminary Diane Pernet left her front row seat after a short time of waiting with a bitter face, and missed the defile. The unusual try to show autumn / winter clothes with autumn / winter temperatures failed.

At the CHEAP MONDAY show ‘WE DID EVERYTHING ADULTS WOULD DO (WHAT WENT WRONG?)’, which took place under the free sky, with similarly crushing temperatures like back then in Copenhagen, the concept worked, because the viewer was surprised by an unusual scenario and also got rewarded for the waiting in the cold:

The fashion show took place in a park in the centre of the city of Stockholm. A few seconds before the first model came on the runway, big party of the catwalk went up in flames.

Inspiration for the show and the setting was the movie ‘Lord of the Flies’. In the movie, which is based on the novel by William Golding, a group of young military cadets are crashing with an airplane while fleeing an atomic war.

The looks (punk, grunge, goth) and the make-up (black / grime / like chimney sweepers) picked up the diabolic final-scenario of the fashion show.

A presentation that will stay in mind.