Beef Action: Kanye West vs. Hedi Slimane

Rappers are known to for frequently having some sort of beef with someone. However, since the 90s are over the arguments in the world of Hip Hop are not settled with weapons anymore but rather with words.

This is a source of great entertainment and record sales. Current example: Kanye West.

The “biggest rapper” (quote: Kanye West) has started things up with YSL designer Hedi Slimane. The latter was trying to tell the US rapper that he can’t attend shows by other designers during Paris Fashion Week, if he wants to attend Slimane’s.

As was to be expected that didn’t go down so well with Kanye. In his song “I AM GOD” on his album “YEEZUS” he processes his anger:

“Cause it’s like, Yo! Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go. Man, I’m the number-one living and breathing rock star. 

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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