Auction: a dirty T-shirt beats Haute Couture

We have always envied the ladies who can spend six-figured sums of money on an old couture dress from Chanel. Something like this does probably not exist in men’s fashion world.
We were already about to turn to the equal opportunities officer of NATO, to make this incredible injustice between the sexes bombed away.
But now it’s time to take a deep breath. For a men’s garment has changed owners for a whopping 4,415,658 – and thus beats all Chanel gowns

It is not about a piece of of silk stitched in arduous manual labor, but rather about a dirty, short-sleeved, rather ugly baseball superstar Babe Ruth’s (“The Great Bambino”) jersey shirt from 1920.

We find that great and congratulate the buyer to have restored the honor of men in the fashion world once again. Even though he almost certainly doesn’t give a shit.



Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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