ASOS #worntowin: Mali Karakurt wins – also because of his cool name

Yes Yes Yo! The winner of the ASOS #worntowin contest has been announced:

Who would have thought, that it would be so brutally hard to find the winner under all of the transmittals? Us of-course.

Not only are we aware that all of our readers, are looking very fine, we also know, that ASOS-customers are better-dressed human-beeings. 

After some heavy thinking and endless discussions, we at Dandy Diary, agreed on who is going to be the winner and who simply has to be the winner. It is (oscar-like fanfares, please!) Mali Karakurt, who did not only satisfy us with this DocMartens and his perfectly styled and nicely full hair and the fitting Williamsburg-beard, but also with his decent input of a red checked shirt underneath his sweater.

Mali, at which-ever fountain you may be leaning right now, we want to congratulate you to a HTC-smartphone and a 300,- Euro ASOS-voucher, you are a winner! 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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