ARTE: ‘The Blog-Rebels of Dandy Diary roughing up the Fashion-World’

The favourite TV-channel of everyone in France and Germany who has crossed a lecture hall, ARTE, has accompanied us for two days during Berlin fashion-week.

In-spite of massive and stressful appointments, missed interview-dates, not-answering-the-phone and other rude actions by us, editor Sven Trösch kept being cool and calm. Already for that he deserves the German TV-price. Or an Oscar. We really weren’t very cooperative. Sorry Sven!

Anyways, ARTE asked us about blogging, parties, the IMG, the Berlin fashion week and everything that is connected to the life of a fashion-blogger. The cameras followed us everywhere: to the hair-dresser, to our party, to the fashion week-tent, to a street style-shooting and backstage at a fashion-show. We are very thankful that ARTE cut out the part, where David is wanking out of nervousness on the toilet of our hairdresser. That seemed very bustled. Besides, everything is in it, everything is real. Exactly the way it was. And not any different.

Who wants to know, what it’s like for us during fashion week, should watch the report. Also those who always wanted to watch a fashion porn on ARTE. Or our christmas-smash-hit ‘Christmas Time’. Or simply us. 

See the whole ARTE-report here, sadly only in German or French.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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