Armani: Support for Julian Zigerli

We have been aware of the fact for a long time now, that JULIAN ZIGERLI is an excellent designer, that this man can also sing, dance and perform, was new to us. His talent in fashion has been acknowledged by one of the biggest men in the industry:

GIORGIO ARMANI is going to give Zigerli the chance to present his latest collection in the famous Armani Teatre at the Milano Moda Uomo. The seats will be filled by famous fashion-critics like Suzy Menkes, Tim Blanks & Co. A big chance for Zigerli, which he will use to climb 99 bars of the wall up, into the fashion olymp and to immortality, for sure.

The, by tanned muscleman, chosen one Zigerli about his coup:

“This is huge. I am overwhelmed and speechless about this opportunity which Mr. Giorgio Armani is giving me. To be recognised and supported by one of the most influential and important person in the Fashion Industry worldwide, gives me the confidence and trust into my work and strengthens my believe that creativity is best when it comes from the heart”

In the seasons before, Armani already gave the young fashion designers Stella Jean and Andrea Pompillo a chance to get on stage. The engagement of Armani for young talents is a relevant move for the Milano fashion week. A fashion week, that until now has not been famous for  designers, instead for the old dictation of the same-old fashion-designers. 


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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