Are Tim’s the new Doc’s?



Slowly but determinately it’s getting cold. Time for the question : which boot to wear ? My answer : TIMBERLAND Boots. A popular topic which I did not touch first, to be honest. Les Mads already engaged herself with the comeback of the cult boot , on her blog : “Boots von Timberland” 

And now me . You can watch a video on the website of Timberland, in which a man is jumping on a train , shortly followed by climbing down a waterfall. He is wearing Timberland boots. Nothing is impossible, that’s the message. I would not recommend stunts like this, even with Timberland boots , at least not for a layman . Action scenes like this are preferably left to stunt men Herman Joha . As a usual breathing human being , one should simply wear Timberland boots , casually..


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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