‘Air Force 1’ with Shin Protectors: Riccardo Tisci is designing for NIKE

Since the arch rival ADIDAS has managed to get high-fashion designers like Raf Simons, Rick Owens and – well, less high-fashion and less designer – Kanye West into its boat within a short time, it nearly seemed like NIKE would start concentrating only on the very lucrative sportswear-section, last week a clear signal was following: also NIKE will be seen in the top-designer-genre.

ADIDAS might have the hippest goth of the fashion scene, Rick Owens, but NIKE made a deal with Ricardo Tisci, who is not only chief-creative at GIVENCHY, but also dominates the whole fashion-world with his designs, cooperations, contacts and visions. He is: the hottest designer on the whole planet.

Tisci designed four models of the ‘Air Force 1’ for NIKE, which will be released in march.

When designers interpret a classic new, they actually all say the same, so did Tisci and proves that he is a better designer than talker: ‘Respect for the shoe’s heritage in sport. Respect for the aesthetic signatures that helped make it iconic. Respect for the kings of the court who helped it thrive.  And respect for street culture that wears it today.’

Next to the famous models ‘Lo’ and ‘Mid’, there is going to be a version with an extending to the shin-bone like the ones that the also pretty classic model Joan Smalls is wearing on the picture above.

We are already looking forward to the extended shoe – and are excited about finding out if it will fit around our thick muscly calves. If not, we are pissed off at Ricardo Tisci and will find him shit (probably like GIVENCHY-lover and Tisci-friend Kanye West, who recently switched from NIKE to ADIDAS, to achieve design-wise, what he couldn’t at NIKE) 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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