ADIDAS SLVR: It’s over in 2014

ADIDAS SLVR, the high-end-fashion brand by ADIDAS will be discontinued in 2014. The brand is being taken off the market, the 120m2 flagship store in Mulackstraße in Berlin will be closed. We were provided this information by a source from inside the company.

While we’re usually radical and think that all fashion brands that fail to be competitive should immediately watch the daisies from below, we are a little more melancholy with ADIDAS SLVR. We have always liked the brand for its minimalistic, futuristic aesthetics, all the silver, and high tech materials and for being a great addition to the ADIDAS brand family.

In the end the products seem to have been too expensive,  the positioning too particular – and there were too few buyers. Thus, SLVR will be discontinued at the end of the year, as our insider from Herzogenaurach confirms.

Apparently they want to try and launch a “Black” line with a slightly lower price point and that also will be less futuristic. We are excited, wipe away that little tear from the corner of our eyes and quickly put on our ultra-comfortable future shoes by SLVR that we’re already missing now.

UPDATE, 12PM: ADIDAS has now officially confirmed our information in a statement they released. However, the store in Berlin will not be closed but converted into a ADIDAS “Trend” Store. The SLVR store in NYC on the other hand will be shut down, and the store in Miami will get an overhaul to be turned into a ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY store.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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