Adidas Originals Blue Hikelander Snow

Also when it’s midsummer and noone really cares to think about ice and snow, the new snow-shoes from Adidas Originals deserve some attention.  Out of one reason: the aesthetics of it that slightly reminds us of Black Savage Sneaker von Y-3.

Diese Schuhe sehen stark aus, mit ihrer Nylon-Oberfläche und den elastischen Schnürbändern, die an der Ferse geschlossen werden. All das dient natürlich (Achtung: Funktion!) dem Zweck keinen Schnee in den Schuh zu bekommen, wenn man mal wieder über die Eiger Nordwand kraxelt. These shoes look strong, with their nylon surface and elastic shoelaces that close at the heel. All this serves a purpose (Achtung: function!) of snow not getting inside when one’s climbing over Eiger north face.

 We find it super and recommend every snow-hiker out there to buy these shoes although it’s still unclear when they are to appear. 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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