Abolish: Lanvin-Kampagne

The entire fashion industry is once again thrilled. This time of Alber Elbaz. Since Lanvin-designer casted no models, but common people from the street for his Fall campaign.

We find it super lame.

First, because the idea is not new. American Apparel has been working with perfectly ordinary and at times also older “models” for years, Marc Jacobs’s shown old, wrinkled skin and Prada’s used actors for models.

Second, we find the distinction between model and normal people more oblique. In the moment when the “normal” person is standing in front of a camera, he/she is becoming the model.

It is, once again, only a PR stunt. Quite a bad one, for sure.

The old bubble car Elbaz would have rather booked a couple of obese models. But he apparently was not all that courageous.

Anyway. We, as it’s known, only work with young and willowy models at DD. 

We therefore demand: abolish the Lanvin-campaign!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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