Abolish: BOY

Berlin Fashion Week is over but the hate remains. War es vorher vor allem ein digitales, auf Kleine-Jungs-Blogs gezeigtes Phänomen, wurde es in Berlin greifbar: the London label “Boy” seems to be totally “in” again. Und das vor allem bei Jungs, die gerne Frauenhosen, Absatzschuhe und schwarzes Make Up tragen.

The terrible in “Boy” is not coquetting with nazi-symbols, which, given the British punk-sosialization, even belongs to an interior of a 70s label. First of all, it’s the fact that “Boy” combines the aesthetics of Nu Grave with sloganness of 1990s – and that, in the year 2012, is the worst one can think of.

We’re absolutely not in the mood for either uppercase slogans, or the black-black, tight pants, silver jewelry, crosses, asymmetrical haircuts and the leather boots of the rivet-occupied Nu Grave.

To make it short: “Boy” is approximately as cool as an Undercut.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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