Abandon: College Jackets

Those who deal with trends in general and in fashion more specifically are confronted time and again with the observation that some things stay fashionable for longer than initially expected. At some point though it’s got to stop. At some point it’s: enough!

That is exactly how it is with the ever so popular college jackets that is being worn by everyone and which we pointed out as a trend  and celebrated a solid two and a half years ago. Two and a half years that gave all of you plenty of opportunities to wear the jackets with leather sleeves from American collegs and – that’s more likely – known from High School comedies and feel hip in those. That’s over now. Those sports jackets are officially: out.

Athleticism (and everyone knows this) was substituted for functionality – making the styling task significantly more complex than slipping into a leather-sleeved college jacket andcoming across as very fashionable. We recommend for example running tights instead of pants or South Pole expedition jackets as an alternative to said college jackets that cannot be worn anymore now. Get rid of them! Abandon! Now! If not you’re going to get slapped by the globally feared Dandy Diary crew.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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