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On to the competition: Ex-VOGUE boss Carine Roitfeld will be Global Fashion Director at HARPER’S BAZAAR

The fashion industry is going mental once again. The reason: Ex French VOGUE boss Carine Roitfeld will be the new Global Fashion Director for competitor HAERPER’S BAZAAR.

We really don’t care anymore for which legendary gazette Carine writes, styles and does creative design as long as she keeps on dragging her panther-like body with the leather skin from one fashion event to the next. Just so we can watch her from a safe distance with smitten looks. Because that is exactly what we do whenever we get the chance.

Carine, you sexy cougar, we love you a lot.

Photo: Terry Richardson

Von: Jakob





70s Rockstar-Chic: LUISA VIA ROMA – Spring/Summer 2015 ‘Backstage Pass’ Editorial

If you want to believe the hip stylists of the Florence-based luxury store LUISA VIA ROMA and if you were paying attention at our last fashion week opening party in january this year, you know it already: the 1970s are currently brutally hip.

In their new editorial ‘Backstage Pass’, in which the LVR-stylist Carmel Walsh is showing the hottest pieces of the spring/summer-collection 2015, we can see a lot of 70s glamour and glammy rockstar-styles by, among others, DRIES VAN NOTEN, DOLCE & GABBANA, LANVIN, SAINT LAURENT, HAIDER ACKERMANN and BALMAIN.

If 70s rockstar-chic, then please like that, we think. That one has to have at least as much cash as the Rolling Stones, is obvious.

luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-04-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-05-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-01-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-06-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-07-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-08-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-03-960x640


Von: Julian



Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – Michael Michalsky is representing Germany at ‘Fashion for Europe’

On the 23rd of may, when the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place in Vienna, fashion-designs are going to be presented for the first time next to songs – and for Germany the society-lion and designer Michael Michalsky is going to compete.

In a big opening fashion show with the title ‘Fashion for Europe’, designers from all the competing countries are going to show their designs.

Michi says about his engagement: ‘I am very happy, that I can represent Germany. The event is an excellent idea, because music and fashion belong together. They influence each other. I often get inspiration for my designs from current music and have many personal friends in the music-business. Therefore it is beautiful, when I can contribute to making the Euro Vision Song Contest even more attractive through my work.

We are already totally excited for Michalsky’s designs, but are hoping, that the show is not again going to be cancelled due to current catastrophes (Nepal, Syrien, Lampedusa, Libyen, etc.)…

Anyways: we are happy, that Michi has found his way back into the glamorous fashion-show-world. We have missed him and his occasions to celebrate.

If he will show again during Berlin Fashion Week in summer, is not clear yet.

‘FASHION FOR EUROPE’ will happen on the 18th of may in the centre of the Austrian metropole Vienna, followed by an aftershow-party. More than 1.500 guests are expected. The happening will be broadcasted via TV and over the internet. 

Von: Julian



Lookbook: PALACE x ADIDAS ORIGINALS ::: Spring/Summer 2015

Nearly angelic, we have already announced: There is going to be a second PALACE x ADIDAS ORIGINALS-collection – and here is the new lookbook for it.

Still PALACE is mainly oriented by the 90s designs of ADIDAS. What we see is sweat-suits, tricots and a sweater. Everything awesome, of-course.

The collection will be released on the 2nd of may (in two days! *shriek*) and we advise everybody to just get everything. Who knows, how long PALACE will stay a hip skater brand … somehow everybody is talking already about BIANCA CHANDON.

palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-13-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-11-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-9-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-8-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-7-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-6-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-51-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-41-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-21-960x640 palace-x-adidas-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-31-960x640




New York Fashion Week: Hood by Air AW 2015

HOOD BY AIR presented their new collection ‘Daddy’ in a cellar-like setting at the Wall Street, the centrum of finance.

The mastermind behind HBA, Shayne Oliver, showed classics from the world of fashion, like button-down shirts, sweaters and polo t-shirts in the typical unisex Hood by Air Silhouette. Therefore it came to an hybrid between polo shirt and dress. Or camel coat and tank top.

The models wore locks in-front of their mouths and tights over their heads, like burglars. The soundtrack of the show, total freedom, was ended drastically, followed by jazz, underlined with the statement of the Empire:

“I wanna show you a faggot really can run this company”.

It becomes obvious how appreciated HBA is also in the art-world, when looking at the guests who attended the show, for example Klaus Biesenbach and Grace Coddington.

It seems that HBA, even after the diss by their once supporter A$AP ROCKY, is still very hip.




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