A.P.C. KANYE – Capsule Collection

Pleasantly self-indulgent and megalomaniac rap icon Kanye West has had another go at the world of fashion, which as we all know, is his passion next to his new hobby: Arts.

Together with laid-back French label A.P.C. he’s created a Capsule Collection that pretty much spot-on resembles the cleaned-up part of his personal style so you could say there is a red thread here.

While we find the jeans boring (quite a lot actually) we do like the hooded t-shirts and those with the long cuts due to their “skirtness”. As we’re telling you this however, those pieces are unfortunately exactly those who are already sold out at the A.P.C.-Online-Store, three days after the launch. Pretty much like all of the collection with the exception of a few pairs of jeans in kids’ size.

Not really surprising though given the hype around the musician and his style – and a price at €80 per shirt.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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