A Matter of Style: Stylist Paul Schlosser

Paul Schlosser works as a freelance editor and stylist, is assistant to Ingo Nahrwold and is responsible for the online universe of the VOO store. We visited Paul in his apartment in Berlin to talk to him about his blond hair, fashion fails, and dictators with style.

1.) Outfit you will be wearing at your own funeral?

I rarely leave the house wearing more than a hoodie, long sleeve and comfortable pants. However, when you are being laid out in an impressive coffin in front of numerous guests the outfit should definitely play a role. That’s why I would go with something a tad more elegant. In a best-case-scenario I would be wearing a dark Self-Edge suit by Carol Christian Poell.

2) Your favorite designer?

Rick Owens is definitely one of my favorite designers. He managed to create an entirely new universe with his collections. It doesn’t so much yield fashion fluctuations but gradually develops intelligently.

3) Worst fashion crime?

Up until two years ago I was wearing a humongous earplug earrings. Yea, I think that was probably the worst thing I have done.

4.) Your motto?

Since I heard the title of Matthew Stone’s own exhibition in the La Scatola Gallery in London it’s stuck in my head. – “Everything is possible”

5.) Your style?

I guess the best way to describe my style would be calling it inconsequent. Random, with a portion of street and high fashion. Sometimes I try sticking to a certain direction and exclusively wear one designer or several with similar aesthetics. But that doesn’t happen very often.

My style is mostly characterized by clashing styles. I mix avant-garde pieces in post-apocalyptic black with street style, wear expensive designer clothes with worn out sneakers and sports socks or the inverse – I wear my Rick Dunks with sweat pants and Alpha bomber jacket.

I think the aesthetics I present at my work is an intuitive expansion of my own style. If that wasn’t the case I think I wouldn’t be doing my job well.

6.) Style role models?

I have always found the style of Latin-American and Eastern Eurpean street gangs fascinating but also get back to the portrait series “Isolated Heroes” by Raf Simons and David Sims. Not least because of the incredible hair dos by Guido Palau.

7.) Tell us the story behind your blond hair?

I have always admired Jim Jarmusch for his amazing white-grey quiff. When I look around within my family then my hair should be reduced to three or four rebels, a long time before they would eventually turn grey. So the only coice I had was going to a hair salon wholesaler as long as I am still in my prime.

It took a long time until I could convince a friend of mine to actually go ahead and execute the plan. Since I have quite dark hair it took an entire day until my hair was finally this light. And because I had panic attacks after every other dying process whenever one of those color brushes came near me, we just kept it at platinum blond.

8.) Dictator you admire for his style?

Saddam Hussein – but only in the movie “The Devil’s Double” played by Hunty Dominic Cooper.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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