A Matter of Style: Fabian Hart

He wears Triple Denim matching a professionally mean-spirited facial expression. Finds guys who exclusively wear Rick Owens and Raf Simons exhausting. And has a porcelain cat protect his property.

Fabian Hart. He writes a blog that has the same name as himself: fabianhart.com. On there he writes about fashion and other forms of expression. He has a background in print journalism, but currently feels more like making the blog his plan A and plan B.

1.) Outfit you will be wearing at your funeral?

Mean question, to start off with and just in general. But my last look should probably be easy to burn. Preferably made of natural fiber, high-quality cotton from a conscious collection. In that outfit they would burn me and my ashes would be scattered over a vegan supermarket.

2.) Your favorite designer?

Wood Wood. I like how the menswear designer of the label, Karl Oskar Olsen, remixes US-street wear, athletic functional wear and Scandinavian tailoring. I always feel extremely sophisticated in their stuff. Too classy isn’t really my thing. Neither does ‘cowly’. I find people who only wear Raf Simons and Rick Owens tedious. Often it’s only attitude.

3.) Biggest fashion crime?

Mine or the ones of others? The fashion crimes of others are more entertaining. Thin men scarfs and posh sneakers for example.

4.) Your motto?

Sounds better in English: everything has to happen for a reason.

5.) Your style?

Thought-through random. I also like imbalance. When the belt was more expensive than the pants he is wearing. Or triple denim looks. Or belly top with baggy. Or a gold chain, expensive inherited jewelry underneath a white t shirt that I once found in the Hamburg harbor.

6.) Style Icons?

Brooks Buford, Joe Dallesandro, Marky Mark.

7.) Dictator you admire for his style?

There are no admirable dictators. Or am I supposed to say something like Karl Lagerfeld so some people find it funny? Alright, Karl Lagerfeld it is. He is entertaining and a power-craving man of fashion. I find his clothes ugly though.

Images: David Kurt Karl Roth

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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