40 Days Of Shopping

After ’40 Days of Dating’, where a boy and a girl pretended to be a couple for 40 days, and ‘40 Days of Eating’, where two same-looking girls ate together, the new clue is: ’40 Days of Shopping’

A boy and a girl decided to challenge themselves, with going shopping threw all of Germany, in 40 different stores and to buy 40 different pieces in 40 days. What sounds like a normal month in the life of a soccers wife or a fashion blogger, is actually more precise at the challenge: per purchase they are not allowed to spend more than 106,- euros. That is the amount, spend by the average German house-hold per month for fashion (which explains a lot). 

And because both of them come from the colourful, totally cynical and brutally deep world of advertising, they gave their project a deeper meaning. They added this:

‘How do we, as professionals, react to the inducements of trading and the industry? How does it feel, if you have to go shopping every day? Where do find motivation even-though we are oversaturate, what is inducing us lastingly, where does shopping become fun? And: what are the current trends and impulses in trafficking?

Aha. well. We are excited.

How the project will end: we do not know. Maybe they fall in love. Or they look like twins. Or both. Or simply have great consume-products in their closets worth 106,- euros. Which would be totally fine. 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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