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No Balls in the Pants: BREAD & BUTTER stays in Berlin

Karl-Heinz Müller, head of the fashion-convention BREAD & BUTTER, is as decisive as a six-year old child in an ice cream store.

After announcing a few weeks ago that the convention is about to move from Berlin to Barcelona, which even upset mayor Wowereit that much that he refused to go to the opening of the convention here in Berlin, it is now back to normal: everything stays as it was.

To the magazine  ”Sportswear International”Müller surprisingly said:

‘Several discussions with decision-makers of the industry, have cleared, that the people would prefer to stay with the current format. Most exhibitors have the healthy and safe German market on their mind. That is why we are going to listen to the reaction of the industry and are going to stay with the familiar terrain on the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof. The Bread & Butter is going to take place next to other Berlin-based conventions from the 19th of january until the 21st 2015.’

‘Kalle’ Müller therefore is outing himself as a turncoat and is sadly proofing, that he does not own as big balls, as one would have always thought he would – and us at Dandy Diary would have somehow wished for. Since that is what is really missing in the fashion-industry: mighty balls. That is what makes it so boring often.

Before the decision has been announced, rumours were going around, that big brands like LEVI’S, who always has been showing at the Bread & Butter, would switch to one of the other Berlin-based conventions. The loss of honour for Müller was predictable.

That he is presenting himself as the marionette of his exhibitors, does not make things better.

The eternal question ‘Quo Vadis, Eggy Müller?’ is temporarily answered by that: nowhere. He stays in Berlin.

P.S: On the Bread & Butter-Homepage one can find the great announcement-movie for the convention in Barcelona. Which is even more fun to watch now. The motto ‘Always the Sun’ can be tucked in by Müller in january in Berlin. 

Von: Julian




Lana Dumitru, the designer of this hot collection, earned worldwide fame through her Facebook dress. Who does not know the Facebook dress, please follow here.

For her current collection  C://LANA/DESKTOP, the native Romanian used symbolics of the virtual world again. She printed the trash-symbol, which you should also have on your desktop somewhere, as symbols for the loud-speakers and loupe on neoprene-sweaters with USB-cables.

Above the trash-print a daily question appears: Are you sure you want to permanently erase the Items in the Trash? (You can’t undo this action)?  In this context, printed on a sweater, worn by a human, this question nearly becomes philosophical.

You can view all collections by our favourite CYBERGIRL from Transylvania, here.




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