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What’s the crack!?!?!

Before fashion week started in Berlin, and all it’s  exhausting parties, I went to New York City. For our favourite sport-shoe-designer NIKE. There, the launch of the brand-new KD 7 was celebrated.

On the last day of my US-trip I had a little spare time, and decided to have a stroll through the trend-district Bushwick. I was wearing a falling-apart straw-hat. Also known as circular saw.

With that a dark-blue twin-set by G-STARAdidas x Opening Ceremony shoes and a necklace, out of a chair leg (!!!), which I found in a second-hand store in Tokyo.

The pictures of me and my new Bushwick buddies were taken by Mr. Michael Moser. A photographer who lives in New York, and who’s international break-through, we are very sure, is soon to come.

This way, to see the first series, which we produced together in New York.



Hope for Milan: MSGM

One can find more old men in the schedule of Milan’s fashion week, then in a three-story residence for elderly in Berlin.

For example Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani. Two real guys, with balls that have the size of an ostrich egg. But their designs are – different from their speedo-figures, own vodka brands and helicopters – everything else but exciting.

There has been a lack of young talents for years in Milan. Therefore the euphoric feeling for MSGM - a Milan based label, which stands for current design, is very big. Because Massimo Giorgetti – the founder of MSGM – has found a market gap. His label brings hope to the old and honourable Piazza del Duomo.

Before Giorgetti founded his label, he was working as a DJ, in the sales-devision for fashion brands and as a creative consultant for capsule-projects of big fashion brands.

The idea of his own fashion-brand came to Giorgetti with three friends. Therefore the name MSGM. It is the first letter of Massimo and each of his buddies. The name stayed, but the friends drifted into other directions, work-wise. MSGM today also stands for a reference to Giorgettis favourite band MGMT.

Giorgetti started with mens fashion. Weirdly, only accessories were bought by shoppers, and mostly for men, not for women. By now, the collections are sold – for men and women – in over 280 stores over the world. With a mix of patterns and graphic digital-prints, MSGM is on its way to take over the world.

One will have to wait, if MSMG is a prophet for a new era of young designers, freeing Milan from the old dust and frightening lack of style. Or is MSMG going to be a single case?



La Familia: Lanvin FW 2014 Campaign

Next to KENZOLANVIN is currently the fashion-house, which is entertaining us with their very amusing campaigns, season to season.

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz is interrupting a shooting per Sykpe, to leave his comment, then in another campaign he lets models dance to Pitbull’s ‘I want you want me’ in a posh hotel.

In his latest campaign, he concentrates on the ‘model-of-the-moment’ Edie Campbell, or on her family.

In the video and on the pictures of the campaign, you can see Campbells mother, father, sister, brother and a wild bunch of cousins. Our favourite: her brother Arthus, who’s mullet is longer than Toni Garrn’s legs.

The family-history is showing a reference to the ‘mother / daughter / logo’ by Lanvin. In the campaign-video, which is three minutes long, one can see the family-members playing soccer, hugging each other or just babble along. And, not to forget, the horse of Edie Campbell. Like in all Lanvin videos, also the chubby Elbaz has his scene.

The campaign was shot – as one realises quickly because of the set – by the visionary Tim Walker. Guy Stephens was responsible for the video.