2 Pac Shakur – Style the Look

In the first edition of our new series “Style the Look” we showed you how to get the ultra-trendy Salafists-Look. A reckless decision. But we are still alive – thank god. Until now, no bearded men marched into the Dandy Diary Offices, armed with machetes.

Because of that we are currently allowed to live and blog on. Awesome. Style Role Model for our second edition of “Style the Look” is 2 Pac Shakur. Prior his death, 2 Pac was known as Rapper, Poet, Dealer, Roadie, Dancer and of course as Style-Ikon. 

The Look: 2 Pac Shakur owns the Outlaw-Look. He combined West Coast Gang Tattoos with bullet scars, Bandanas to football jerseys and Bling-Bling-Nosestuds with gold necklaces. By the way, the Hip Hop Look is very en vogue in Fall 2012. 

And this is how you can style the Look: Bandana by Dsquared2 for 59,00 Euro. Football-Jersey by Topman Design for 149,90 Euro. The Bling-Bling for the nose is available at Swarovski for 24,99 Euro. Don’f forget: Boxers, a real rapper wears them visible. 

We recommend Boxers by the Label Deal for 6,95 Euro. If you write the letters E and R with Sharpie after the Brandname you are really hip. 

Of course we didn’t copy 2 Pac’s Look completely. No, we tried a new interpretation. A colorful one.    

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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