10 Golden Rules for the Jeans Comeback

After we postulated that colorful chinos are totally out and this fortunate circumstance is accompanied by the comeback of jeans, we would now like to provide you with the most important info on the jeans comeback.

Here the 10 golden rules to correctly execute the 2013 comeback of jeans on yourself.

1. Only blue jeans are real jeans. Other colors are not allowed for now.

2. Skinny jeans are almost as horrible as colorful chinos. We strongly discourage you from sporting them.

3. Jeans should have a straight cut regardless whether it’s the standard fit or baggy fir (very 90’s, very cool!).

4. Strong wash outs and pre-made used look are the devil. Either you wear out your jeans yourself or you don’t go for the vintage look.

5. Don’t buy jeans too short. A high cut is only allowed with very loose fitting legs

6. Jeans may be rolled up as long as they still touch the shoe.

7. Belts are allowed (wide, robust, for now with toned-down buckles), but don’t have to be used.

8. When in doubt: button fly instead of zip fly, but that’s not so important.

9. Denim on Denim is ok (see photo of Calvin Klein)

10. Never, never, never, ever wear jeans with boot cut. Never, never, never, ever wear jeans with flamboyant seam lines.

(11.  Picaldi is allowed because super chavy and over the top cool!)

What else is left to say besides: Welcome back old lad! We missed you a lot.

Images: Sartorialist, Calvin Klein Collection via style.com

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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