Eckerle-Model Billy Huxley im Interview

Der Brite Billy Huxley (28) gilt aktuell als eines der angesagtesten Männermodels der gesamten Branche. Mit seinen dicken Lippen, die aus einem wilden Vollbart herausschmollen, den vielen Tätowierungen und einem sweet-verzweifelten Blick verzaubert der ehemalige Zimmermann nicht nur mehr als 400.000 Instagram-Follower – sondern nun auch den deutschen Herrenausstatter ECKERLE, der Huxley nun für seine neueste Kampagne gebucht hat.

An dem tätowierten Beau präsentiert ECKERLE sein neues Individual-Konzept, in dem sich Kunden ihre Outfits nach dem Baukastenprinzip auf ihren Stil passend “zusammenschneidern” lassen können. Die Passform von Sakkos und Hosen wird individuell angepasst und der Kunde kann sich darüber hinaus den Stoff, das Futter, die Knöpfe und etwaige Stickereien aussuchen.

Wir haben Billy Huxley während des Shootings für ECKERLE in München zu den wichtigsten Fragen rund um den Anzug interviewt und natürlich auch zu seinen Tätowierungen und seinem Werdegang vom Zimmermann zum internationalen Model.

On what occasions do you dress more formaly and wear a suit?  

I’d say special occasions really, if I was going to a nice restaurant up town, a wedding or the other day I went to the races and wore a suit then.

Can a man be overdressed and what would that be?

Yeah I guess so. I’m a firm believer in wear what you feel happy in but you can go overboard and look a bit too try hard.. I suppose it’s all subjective.

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you would had to wear a suit & tie everyday? What would change?  

Well before Modelling I found some temp work in the city for a few months and had to wear a suit everyday. You definitely feel more empowered wearing a suit to work. You tend to feel good in a suit but the novelty did wear off the more I wore it.

Getting shot in suits – is this still special to you with your extensive tattoos or do you feel its common to see heavily tattooed guys wearing slick cut suits?

I shoot suits quite regularly so the ‘special’ element has kind of vanished ahaha! But I do enjoy getting in to a good suit. It’s definitely a very popular look – tattoos and suits, there seems to be a big trend for it at the moment.

When did you start getting your tattoos? Was it a scene thing (some music scene, skating, or what)? Are you still getting tattooed or is the process finished?

I started when I was 15 or 16, my pal found a tattooist that would tattoo us without ID so I jumped at the chance! And I’ve been getting them ever since. It wasn’t because of any scene as I don’t think there really was one at the time. I just liked the look of tattoos and loved the experience of getting tattooed. At the moment I’ve put tattoos on hold as I’m struggling to find the time. Normally I get most of my work done in the winter.

Is there any special tattoo that all your customers (brand you work with) love the most and always ask to be in the picture? Is there one special tattoo you like to show on pictures?

Not really no, people seem to point out different ones that they like. Clients tend to want my hands and neck visible in shots. I’m a fan of all my tattoos really. I like them all the same. I guess if I had to choose one then it would be my hands.. Over in the UK they used to call them job killers… Not anymore! There are many successful people with visible tattoos nowadays, it’s awesome to see.

Whats your personal taste when it comes to suiting up? Classic or extravagant? When do you wear it?

 When it comes to a suit, for me it’s all about the fit. An ill fitted suit will not look good on nobody! If you get the fit right then you could rock classic or extravagant. Personally I prefer a classic suit.

Whats your daily basics when traveling? Any favorite pant-shirt combination that you always fall back to?

When I travel I always travel light. A couple of slim black jeans, a few casual tees and a nice leather jacket seems to do the trick.. Oh and a pair of sunnies

Any thoughts on Munich? Is it your first time in the city? How do enjoy it?

I’ve been to Munich quite a few times actually. One of my agencies are based in Munich so I’ve flown over to see them, plus I’ve had a few jobs there too. Munich is a great place! The vibe is always good. The stress levels seem a lot calmer than london, and definitely a lot cleaner ahah. I’m a big fan.

You’re a traveling model – do you have a home base? How did you choose where u live? Still your hometown?

Yeah I live in London with my misses so I’m never away for too long. I’m a big family man so I like to be close to those guys. I was born and raised here so all my family and friends live close by. I don’t think I could ever leave London for that reason. 

As a former roofer – do you still have contact with your ex colleagues and what do they think about your new job?

Ahaha yes I do, my boss was my dad and my work colleague was my uncle! They was super happy for me. I can’t knock roofing. It looked after me for 6 or 7 years, but it’s hard labour and isn’t kind to your body. My dad only wants what’s best for me and Modelling was definitely a stronger career path than roofing so he was pleased.






Behind the Scenes beim Eckerle-Shoot in München

Behind the Scenes beim Eckerle-Shoot in München





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