Designer-Beef: A.P.C.-Gründer lästert über Hedi Slimane (SAINT LAURENT)

Jean Touitou, Creative Director und Gründer des Labels A.P.C., hat ein bisschen über SAINT LAURENT Designer Hedi Slimane gelästert.

Dem Magazin Vestoj sagte Touitou:

“(…) an editor can’t even use his clothes in a photo shoot unless it’s as full total looks. Not even a sock by another designer is allowed. It’s like he thinks he’s the Kaiser or something. But seriously, it’s ridiculous (…)”

Und weiter:

“(…) the brand is trying to establish connections between what Slimane is doing and what Yves Saint Laurent himself did by saying that Slimane is working the rock ‘n’ roll vibe in homage to YSL. The official party line is that Yves Saint Laurent hung out with Mick Jagger in the 1970s, and that the relationship between Slimane and his rock star friends is just the same. But YSL was never into rock n’ roll; he was into reading Proust. I mean it’s one thing to hang out with Mick Jagger at Studio 54 because you’re totally coked out and everybody’s partying, but that doesn’t make you a fan of rock n’ roll. That part is an after-construction and the Kering Group is blatantly trying to spin the story to suit their ends.”

Und noch weiter:

“But the Slimane bashing will stop soon anyway because it’s fashion and people get tired of bullshitting about the same subject. Plus the brand probably sells a lot in China, and as long as you’re financially successful you’re pretty bulletproof.”

Wir glauben Touitou jedes einzelne Wort und hoffen, dass die Zicke Slimane ihm bald antwortet. Der Designer ist immerhin dafür bekannt, gerne kleinere Schlammschlachten auszufechten. Wir mögen das. Das gehört zur Branche. Keep Bitchin’!

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Von: Carl Jakob Haupt